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Sensorama virtual reality training is a cost-effective and time-saving way to develop your employees’ skills. Using our solutions, you’re one step forward to enrich your business.

Are you ready to make a giant leap in your industry?

cross-platform solutions

Cross-platform solution

cross-platform solutions

Our solution can be launched on various platforms such as VR, AR, PC, Mobile and Web. So it is comfortable to work anywhere at any time.

Clients & Partners

sensorama clients and partners
sensorama clients and partners
sensorama clients and partners
sensorama clients and partners
sensorama clients and partners
sensorama clients and partners
sensorama clients and partners
sensorama clients and partners
sensorama clients and partners
sensorama clients and partners

Industries We Operate in

use cases

  • virtual reality in health & safety

    and Safety

  • virtual reality in operational efficiency


  • virtual reality conferences

    and Collaboration

  • vr employee training


  • virtual reality for design and modeling review

    Design and
    Modeling Review

  • virtual reality for product demonstration


  • technical skills vr training

    Skills Training

  • remote monitoring


Benefits of using vr for business

Simulation of real situations

Immerse your employees in environments which accurately recreate various work situations

Reduction of operational cost

Cut costs on the movement of staff and transportation of equipment to training locations

Learning from mistakes

Allow your employees to make mistakes without any harm to health and real setting

Extensive analytics

Review learning experience and test results of trainees with automated reports

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Hardware Management

Our specialists choose, obtain, and configure all the necessary hardware and present an entire on-site implementation. We use the newest hardware for our work such as Teslasuit, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

vr training suite

Software Platform

We offer a reliable and submissive solution. We produce, administer, and provide an expertise of VR training with an unprecedented level of data analysis and extensive analytics.

analytics in the virtual reality training

Content Production

Sensorama professionals create quality competitive content having a team of professional directors, training architects, and UX specialists. We develop all aspects for the integration of virtual content with the physical environment, managing all production stages.

content production equipment

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Dozens of reputable clients trust Sensorama with the education of their employees. We can help you significantly reduce corresponding costs and leave competitors behind.

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