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We are Sensorama

Sensorama specializes in virtual and augmented reality applications development, 3D modeling & animation, 360 video production/post-production.

Our expertise allows us to work with projects of various stages of implementation – starting from idea visualization to post-project support.


human-centered approach in work

Human centered

Our goal is to improve productivity by expanding human potential. We aim for immersive technologies to complement, but not to replace a person. We work with the best scientists and neurophysiologists who help us to study human reactions to the technologies and solutions that we offer to make them the most effective.

client-oriented work

Client oriented

Our company is set to revolutionize your business by choosing the best possible strategy based on the accurate identification of the areas in which employees will extend their expertise. We are focused on the cost-benefit approach.

lifelong learners

Lifelong learners

VR training is a cutting edge technology and an ever-evolving area in which you constantly need to keep abreast. We are continually testing new technologies and are always ready to introduce the latest innovations in our work.

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How we work

In Sensorama we use a human-centered approach

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