Virtual Reality for design review and pre-construction planning. VR for logistic

Virtual Reality for Design Review and Pre-construction Planning

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Virtual Reality for Design Review and Pre-Construction Planning

Virtual Reality Training for Ukraine’s Biggest Logistic Company


Nova Poshta is a Ukrainian company, founded in 2001, which provides express delivery of documents, cargo, and parcels for individuals and businesses. The Nova Poshta network consists of almost 6,000 branches, modern innovative sorting terminals in Kyiv (KIT), Khmelnytskyi (HIT) and Lviv (LEO) capable of processing from 14 to 20 thousand parcels per hour. In 2018, the company delivered over 174 million shipments across Ukraine.

virtual reality training for logistic


Create a 3D-visualization of the newest innovative logistics terminal, which is under construction. Increase the efficiency of industrial enterprises through the introduction of 3D visualization technologies, virtual reality, augmented reality, computer vision, IoT and machine learning.


The purpose was to visualize the industrial project of the logistics terminal and approve ergonomics of the architectural solution. We were also willing to demonstrate the terminal to our partners and stakeholders without having to be present at the actual location.

vr trainingvirtual reality training vr for logistic


In the course of work, a visualization of an innovative logistics terminal was developed. The actual building of it was still under construction at that moment. Sensorama was able to visualize 1524 sq.m. of space. We also animated the sorting tape with the ability to run a package in the sorting system. Office premises, education rooms, and presentation halls were also visualized.

3D-laser scanning technology in the design and construction of industrial facilities allows the client to collect accurate data. After scanning, the data can be converted to the actual model and virtually planned or verified equipment placement, reducing the risk of non-compliance. Our solutions based on the created 3D-assets allow the client to exchange instructions, procedures and other data, virtually placing information in appropriate places on 3D-production models.

Scanning Tunnel for Automated Conveyor Systems


Visualization of more than 1524 square meters of the area of the Khmelnytskyi Innovation Terminal was created, animation of the sorting tape with the ability to start sending to the sorting system, as well as visualization of RDU, office premises, training rooms, and a presentation hall.

The project allowed Nova Poshta to adopt the new changes in the construction of the terminal in terms of ergonomics, capability and space usage. Now this visualization can be used either as a configuration for future terminals or a basis for VR-training.

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