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Virtual Reality for Soft Skills Corporate Trainings

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virtual reality for soft skills training

Virtual reality for soft skills training

VR Soft Skills Training is an employee training simulator with real-life situations that helps practice different scenarios and tackle tough communication situations.

With the help of immersive technologies, employers have endless opportunities to create training courses of various complexity levels, test and monitor the learning process for their employees.

In collaboration with EY (Ernst & Young) we have created VR Soft Skills Training with real-life situations that will help newcomers work out various scenarios and cope with difficult communication situations.

About Ernst & Young

EY (Ernst & Young) is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. The insights and quality services that the company delivers help build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies around the world. In cooperation with EY Academy of Business Ukraine helps build a better working world via developing their Client’s Teams using their worldwide expertise, best practice, innovative and disruptive approaches.
virtual reality soft skills training vr soft skills training

The Value of Virtual Reality for Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills are considered as important as Hard Skills. After all, even if you are good at Hard Skills, this doesn’t guarantee you will create a successful career in the end. It is always better for your professional skills (medical skills, mathematics, knowledge of a foreign language) to be consolidated with Soft Skills. This refers to personal qualities – social, intellectual, volitional competencies, communication skills, the ability to work in a team, punctuality, and poise. A low level of any of them can negatively affect the image of the entire company and slow down many important processes. To develop soft skills, employees at least need a coach, feedback from colleagues, a lot of time and resources spent. But there is also a more efficient alternative, a more modern one. Many companies use VR for soft skills training. Here’s a few examples of best practices: – H&R Block (international tax firm). The company started using virtual reality simulation to improve the onboarding process for call center employees. During the VR training, complex conversations with clients were acted out with a digital avatar. The training program gave newbies the opportunity to practice, get real-time feedback without risking a real customer relationship. – Cognizant (multinational technology and professional services provider Cognizant). The company took the side of VR soft skills training to train new employees to articulate their valuable proposition more clearly when promoting potential customers, in short, to help them hone their presentation skills. Other companies actively using VR employee training are HPE Financial Services, Walmart, Fidelity, and so on. Remember, people in organizations with more opportunities for development have higher engagement, lower turnover, and higher productivity. In support of these facts, you can learn more about each of the aforementioned companies to understand how high your business can rise if you use modern technology.
soft skills vr vr soft skills

Benefits of VR Soft Skills Training Programs

  1. VR allows you to learn any time, doesn’t require the participation of other people, and the passage of all stages in the scenario can be repeated many times.
  2. This technology gives an opportunity to go through stressful situations without stress. A newcomer or an employee can work out options for dismissing an his/her colleague, learn to develop tolerance, hear the interlocutor, speak in public, present ideas correctly, control emotions, get rid of fears and clamps
  3. With VR, there’s no need to choose and cooperate with coaches or spend money from the company’s budget on them.
  4. Fast analytics and progress assessment is also available.
  5. There is the possibility of developing individual solutions and scaling the already existing ones.
  6. It is important that there is no human factor in VR soft skills training for companies.
  7. Scenarios are developed jointly with experts.
It is also important to mention that during training with VR, employees are more relaxed, while they do not lose efficiency, but, on the contrary, become more active and ambitious. Why? The most important thing is that no one stands above your soul, you do not depend on other people and you can repeat the lesson as many times as you like, there is no fear of failure, and no one distracts attention. In addition, it has been proven that scripts experienced in VR are better remembered and learned.

Sensorama’s VR Soft Skills Mission

We’re here to develop and implement a staff training course, which will clearly convey real-life situations, help prepare employees to tackle different kinds of problems, engage in the training process, and educate them on how to apply correct sequences of actions, as well as choose the best possible problem-solving paths. In order to do that, we involve experts in the required field, as well as people who have experience in various situations that need to be simulated in VR to assess realism. Our solutions are ideal for:
  • business trainings,
  • trainings on negotiations,
  • sales trainings,
  • VR for retail,
  • working with clients,
  • assessing the effectiveness of employees and their weaknesses.
In some areas, the development of soft skills is the main task. For example, call center employees, sales, customer support. We will help you cope with these tasks. And here’s how! Our Soft Skill Simulator is designed to help employees understand how they can improve their soft skills, increase confidence, bridge the gap between learning and practical application by practicing tough conversation. There’s no doubt that the fully immersive experience that simulates real-life situations, builds confidence. In turn, for a challenging conversation to succeed, one can engage employees in the learning process and help them build successful and inclusive teams. For instance: We have partnered with the EY Academy of Business Ukraine to create a Virtual Reality Communication Skills Training course to help managers and employees deal with these issues. First, they are immersed in a realistic scenario with multiple non-inclusive behavioral situations. Then they need to choose from several proposed options the one that suits them best for the style of the interlocutor. The great advantage of the course is that VR algorithms are flexible and capable of assessing student progress in detail. No important detail will be neglected.

What will Your Company Benefit from a VR Communication Skills Course?

You will receive a unique, accurate method of collecting behavioral data that will give employees and management a unique understanding of the soft skills effectiveness and, most importantly, the return on investment. Trainees will be able to easily identify which areas need to be improved and choose the best training method and courses to develop those skills. With VR training, these professionals and managers can track progress and assess whether their skill set has improved. In contrast to traditional teaching methods, interpersonal skills can be quantified for the first time with the help of virtual reality. Participants can continue receiving feedback and assess eye contact, voice speed, and clarity in the future. VR soft skills training is there to help you grow a strong and productive team, whose professionalism will certainly affect the profit of your company!

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