Virtual Reality simulator for high voltage electrical safety traning by Sensorama

Virtual Reality Simulator for High Voltage Electrical Safety Training

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Virtual Reality Simulator for High Voltage Electrical Safety Training

Virtual Reality Training Simulator for Ukraine’s Largest Energy Group

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Training simulator for DTEK electricians aimed at the maintenance of power plant equipment in virtual reality with tactile feedback and instructor station. The purpose is to create a modern staff training course in which employees’ workplace is constructed realistically.


DTEK is a major energy holding in Ukraine. It is one of the most influential energy companies in Central and Eastern Europe with more than 118 000 employees in Ukraine. Fields of activity of the enterprise include production of coal and gas, provision of energy efficiency services and charging of electric cars. DTEK Group of Companies produces as well as distributes and sells thermal, wind and solar energy.


We have created a practical VR training course on professional skills for DTEK employees with the help of Teslasuit technology and photorealistic 3D-visualization of the workplace. During the course, users are informed on all tasks and necessary steps with visual and voice prompt.

There is a knowledge control regime and instructor station which help to keep a record of and assessing learners’ results. A virtual reality setting guarantees the absence of injuries and risks during the training.


The process takes place in a safe environment providing employees with various real-life scenarios to deal with. Scenarios take into account detailed sequence of actions, the result of their right and wrong exercise, opportunity to prevent and eliminate mistakes, application of various instruments and other peculiarities. An instructor can monitor the process of learning and review reports on the results.

vr training for electrical operationvr training for electrical operation

3D modeling

The most common problem for many businesses is the high cost of educational initiatives. Necessary equipment, logistics, and educational materials are expensive. Moreover, there is a danger of employees’ injuries or death during training in real settings.

That is why we have developed a perfectly safe training simulator with the help of 3D modeling and innovative technologies.

Medium Voltage Switchgear for Indoor Substation


We have increased the speed of the learning process due to the creation of a unique application. DTEK employees now have the opportunity to complete a preparation program safely and efficiently.

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