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Virtual Reality in Retail


Virtual Reality in Retail: A Game-Changer for Training Your Employees

Virtual reality in retail is not a sensation at all, but a necessity that has long been talked about. This solution is here to change the company staff training and bring it to the whole new level.  Virtual reality in retail allows not only to practice different scenarios and prepare company’s employees for effective work, but also to significantly improve staff communication skills, as well as to prepare for any unforeseen situation that may arise in the workplace at any time.

VR solution for retail is in demand not only for training cashiers, merchandisers and other service personnel, but can also be effectively used to improve the performance of senior managers.

Of course, it can be said that the retail simulator is not so necessary and that it is much better to gain experience directly during the work process. However, retail is not the case here. There’s usually no time and money to wait until employees start performing their direct duties flawlessly and without mistakes. 

After all, often the stakes are not money, but the reputation of the company, which is much more expensive than any finances. That is why virtual reality training for retail can be a great asset to your teams’ education process.

Regardless of what the goal is for the company – to facilitate the rapid adaptation of new specialists or to improve the performance of existing employees – in each case, retail training is incredibly useful.

Did you know that 94% of retail employees are afraid of making a mistake when communicating with customers? VR in retail will provide an opportunity to immerse employees in the atmosphere of communicating with difficult customers. By leveraging experiential learning, there’s an opportunity to  provide employees with all the knowledge they need, but most importantly, when they find themselves in a similar situation, they’ll know exactly how to act. 

VR for retail and the tools it provides will help to quickly collect analytics on particular employees and in case of unsatisfactory results to test them, check their knowledge, and schedule additional training. Any extensive analytics together with the moderator’s mood to track the results can digitalize any training and make it more efficient.

Moreover, employee training is not the only application of virtual reality in retail. This technology can be successfully used to plan retail space, and to properly allocate goods in stores. You can even evaluate virtual reality shopping and test it on potential customers. All with the help of just VR-glasses and correct analytics.

H2: AR/VR Solutions in Retail

By engaging virtual reality in retail, employees can gain valuable knowledge on how to deal with the most difficult customers, which will not only increase the sales of the entire company, but will also improve the quality of customer service for these employees.

Sensorama Lab offers unique training solutions for employees that help to simulate a large number of scenarios or situations that can arise daily at work. For example, how the staff can learn to deal with several dissatisfied customers and solve arising problems or cashiers can practice the situations with huge lines at the cash register in order to act quickly and effectively.

Here’s just a few tasks for which virtual reality can be particularly necessary:

  • Improving customer service skills. The real qualities and professionalism of specialists are most evident when working with clients, especially if certain clients are dissatisfied. With VR soft skills training it is now easier to check how your personnel  serves clients without any risk to the firm’s reputation. Later, the service methods and techniques they learn in the training are implemented in the real world.
  • Training the Art of Retail Sales. Are your employees capable of guiding a client from the start of the sales process to the successful deal signing? For this purpose, it is necessary to show professionalism, politeness, to empathize with the client, acquaint him/her with those products and services your company offers, remove objections and solve conflicts in case they arise. One mistake and the deal failed. With the help of virtual reality training, your employees can become true masters of sales and close deals without internal stress and personal worries. Numerous repetitions during the virtual reality trainings will make it easier for your team to close deals faster and with more confidence.
  • Study of goods. To successfully sell products and close all customer objections, you need to know all the features of the products and their benefits. If the products are out of stock, that’s not a problem. Virtual reality and a smartphone in your hands are enough to get acquainted with the products and know what to emphasize when selling.
  • Hazardous Situations Training. Fire, armed robbery, threats from aggressive customers. These are just some of the dangerous situations the company’s staff will have to deal with. Thanks to the virtual reality your employees will know exactly how to act correctly and quickly, at the same time such training will pass without real threats to their safety.
  • Getting to know products and services. In order to sell products to customers, two important factors shall come together: the salesperson’s ability to communicate efficiently with customers, as well as perfect knowledge of the entire product line. Thanks to soft skills training, professionals are now able to get acquainted with all the products, either at home or in the office, with no need to connect a VR-headset, as the trainings can also work on any device. Thus, there’s an ability to prepare specialists without unnecessary stress and loss of time.

Besides, thanks to virtual reality and our products, you are able to:

  • Prepare employees for any non-standard situation
  • Improve their skills and check they have all the necessary knowledge
  • Decrease substantially the level of staff turnover
  • Organize group training for specialists
  • Improve workplace safety and ensure company compliance with all health and safety requirements
The Benefits of Virtual Reality for Retail

The future of training in retail is unimaginable without virtual reality. Major retailers, such as Walmart, are actively incorporating this technology into their operations. Walmart has been  using virtual reality technology to train one million employees worldwide, and that is not the limit.

The results have not been long in coming: 70% of employees have received the highest scores on the exam. Virtual reality allows them to learn  faster and achieve greater results.

What do we offer? Sensorama Is Here to Advance Your Retail Business

Want to stay ahead of your competition at all times? We offer the best solution on the market!

Sensorama Lab’s innovative virtual reality solutions and tools allow to quickly and efficiently:

  • Use virtual reality methods to train your employees
  • Verify employee’s knowledge and implement additional training
  • Analyze the results already obtained with students in a variety of samples, from departments to entire regions
  • Onboard employees quickly and without wasting time and effort
  • Plan retail space
  • Properly allocate merchandise
  • Put specialists of the company in conditions of real communication with customers with all the unexpected outcomes. They will have to resolve conflicts, respond to objections from customers and close the sale in a safe environment with less stress.

Sensorama’s expertise will help you reach a whole new level of employee training. We’re here to offer the best solutions that resolve specific business cases. Stop watching your competitors get ahead of you and win contracts. Leverage virtual reality technology to get ahead of the curve today.



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