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Virtual Reality in medicine and healthcare


How Virtual Reality Revolutionizes the Medical Sphere Today

Virtual reality for the medical sphere and healthcare has become really significant in recent years. Although VR technologies are no longer considered something new or unusual, they have appeared in this industry relatively recently, and are consolidating their positions quite well.

Medical simulations are beneficial for training healthcare providers. This is a serious and important tool, considering that, according to a report from the US Institute of Medicine, about 10 000 people die from medical errors in America alone every year.

VR Medical Technology: Use In Industry

As mentioned earlier, every year a lot of people die from medical errors in every country. Most of these cases could have been prevented if the staff strictly followed all points of the treatment protocols and knew how to react to a particular case in medical practice.

VR for medical training is here to change the situation. A student or an experienced professional can now go through the necessary steps in the virtual simulator over and over again until an individual remembers the correct procedure and learns how to perform it perfectly. At the same time, no patient is harmed. For example, even most difficult operations can be performed on virtual anatomical models of patients.

Here’s a Non-Exhaustive List of How VR Benefits the Medical Industry:

Healthcare education. Virtual reality medical training for staff allows to conduct various practices on virtual patients, with real clinical cases.
Surgery in VR. Ability to work on surgical cases by several users in one virtual space. Joint planning of the operation, discussion of the sequence of actions with colleagues are made easier in many ways.
Equipment usage training. During the virtual reality healthcare training process, physicians can use complex, expensive equipment and various tools that are accurately modeled in 3D and learn how to use them fast and efficiently.
Monitoring of operations in real time. Operations can be now viewed and monitored real time in 360 degrees - giving doctors an ability to keep track of everything going on in the operation room.
Using virtual reality for patients. VR reduces the level of pain and stress for patients. It can be used in rehabilitation therapy, while assisting the treatment of mental disorders, phobias.
Creation of customized VR solutions. VR solutions in the medical industry can be of absolutely any complexity: interactivity, the ability to change scenarios, patients, symptoms, indicators, and realistic training all can be developed in VR.

Development aAnd Implementation of VR Trainings by From Sensorama

Sensorama stands for quality medicine and we are ready to offer effective VR solutions for you.Why choose Sensorama when developing your VR training? Here’s a few benefits that you will get when working with us:

We fully delve into the scenario  that needs to be simulated, develop step-by-step storyboards, exhaustive documentation – checking each scenario point with the stakeholder from your sideclient.

The high-quality realistic 3D-environment allows the user to be integrated into the process fully without any discomfort.

A moderator mode for the VR training allows to assess each student’s progress, analyze mistakes and receive advice. At the end of the training, a moderator and a student receive a detailed list of wrong actions for further debriefing with an expert.

We also create the ability to integrate video conferencing communications for collective learning, demonstration and discussion of operations performed in virtual reality.

Our team  always selects suitable devices for the individual needs of the client. Working on the verge of technologies, we develop our solutions on for the latest hardware devices as well as make sure the projects are adaptable for many different needs.

Our specialists also make sure to adapt scenarios not only for VR devices, but also for a smartphone, tablet,  PC or even WEB.

Remote assistant option is also possible. An expert can consult students or young professionals, ask questions and assist them.

Sensorama’s accumulated experience throughout the years allows us to accelerate development and optimize the cost of the further projects accordingly.


Our Fullstack Team Solutions Are Suitable For

Our Fullstack Team Solutions Are Suitable For
  • medical students
  • training hospital staff
  • surgeons
  • nurses
  • first aid
  • therapists
  • psychologists
  • patients
How Much Does It Cost To Implement VR In Medicine From Sensorama?

At Sensorama we use an individual approach to every project, therefore each of the following points can affect the final price of services for the development of simulations for medicine: the level of digitalization, source materials and data for the implementation of the project, the complexity of scenarios, the number of different indicators, the presence of branches and variations of actions, additional modules (video conferencing), integration with external systems (to obtain or send data), the number of simultaneous users, the number of 3D-models needed, the logic of interactions, the tools available for interaction, etc..

ThereforeAs one can see, VR is readythere to revolutionize the medical industry!. Health and safety of the patient can now be in our joint hands.

Ready to make a positive change together? Do not hesitate to please leave a request on  our website and we will find the best solution for you.



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