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VR for Manufacturing


Top 4 Reasons to Start Using VR for Manufacturing

Virtual reality in manufacturing is one of the latest technological achievements capable of taking up the thread of the industrial revolution. Immersive VR solutions can facilitate manufacturers to optimize product prototyping and design, help workers train fast and safely, improve floor planning and equipment maintenance, as well as tighten development budgets, enhance the product lifecycle management, speed up the production, and boost the overall profitability in a highly competitive environment.

Sensorama engineers and software developers keep working on widening the scope of VR manufacturing applications. Our technology integrations and cross-platform solutions influence collaboration between humans and robots to be more accurate and productive. Sensorama’s virtual reality manufacturing simulation becomes a necessary instrument for cost-effective planning and profitability forecasts.

Using VR in Manufacturing

Recent market trends require manufacturers to continuously improve production processes, optimize budgets, and lower production time. With the complexity of various manufacturing processes, the impact of digital technology on the competitiveness in the industry cannot be ignored. Sensorama experts provide virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) solutions in four key stages of manufacturing.

Safety and Training

Manufacturing requires bridging skills between engineers and workers. A quicker onboarding process for new employees and/or adaptation acceleration for third-party contractors helps Sensorama’s clients save spendings and time. VR technology allows to prepare workers of different specialties, raise the safety standards and decrease the number of possible errors in manufacturing.

Virtual reality manufacturing safety training allows to conduct practical and theoretical knowledge control before executing the work by external and new workers/contractors. Risk-free 3D-visualization of daily job challenges makes VR training more effective compared to traditional content sources. Continuous repetition of safety protocol in real-time virtual conditions helps manufacturing associates boost skills and situational awareness.

Maintenance and Repair

Sensorama virtual reality manufacturing simulation allows the workflow to practice complicated and high-cost repair operations multiple times, involving one specialist or a whole team of workers. 

We design 3D-instructions for equipment repair and maintenance depending on clients’ specific requirements. Sensorama VR manufacturing solutions allow to conduct virtual rounds/inspections of equipment and production, get acquainted with the collected data from sensors or with recorded data from real rounds, leave comments, audio, and text notes. Continuous remote monitoring of complex equipment with the implementation of Sensorama VR/AR manufacturing process simulation can optimize maintenance and repair processes.

Communication and Collaboration

Sensorama Remote Assistance solution can conduct group remote sessions using virtual reality with 3D-visualization of the digital twin of production and separate equipment with the imposition of performance indicators from sensors to carry out two-way audio and video communication with workers who are at a real facility for remote support and information support of ongoing operations.


What Tasks Do We Solve?

What Tasks Do We Solve?
  • 3D-Visualization of objects and equipment
  • Creation of 3D digital twins
  • Retrieving and displaying data from history, real-time, or predicted
  • Ability to practice procedures and scripts
  • Training of employees and contractors
  • Knowledge control before performing hazardous work
  • Development of custom solutions depending on your tasks and needs

The accumulated experience allows us to accelerate development and optimize cost. Previously developed modules, for example, the instructor’s dashboard, are customizable, while a completely individual solution is possible as well.

The headset can be tailored to your needs. For example, the virtual reality helmet Oculus Quest 1/2 is completely autonomous, but it is necessary to degrade the graphics for a mobile device. A cross-platform adaptation is possible not only for VR devices, but also for a smartphone or tablet or desktop PC, or even web interface. Having developed logic, 3D environments and objects, we adapt the applications to different platforms and, if necessary, optimize them.

Virtual reality and augmented reality in manufacturing is primarily a 3D interface and we can design multiple applications for it. Besides the 3D interface, we develop the backend-server side, integrating external systems via API. We can create an additional frontend on the web, for example, CMS for changes in 3D through a web page as well.



Benefits of Using VR in Manufacturing

Sensorama VR manufacturing solutions deliver the following benefits for our clients:

  • Risk-free and fast training for employees and contractors to reduce work injuries.
  • Ability to conduct monitoring, research, and analytics.
  • Flexible VR solutions for production needs.
  • Remote access to objects.
  • Group use.
  • Integration of remote support systems.
  • Visualization of planned objects.

How Much Does VR Implementation Cost for Manufacturing?

We at Sensorama are keen on delivering client-oriented and flexible VR manufacturing solutions following your specific needs. 

The final cost is influenced by:

  • The project scope.
  • Level of digitalization.
  • Initial materials and data for project implementation.
  • The complexity of scripts.
  • Development of training modules (needed / not needed).
  • Additional modules (remote support, digital twin, etc.).
  • Integration with external systems (for receiving or sending data).
  • The number of concurrent users.
  • The number of 3D models.
  • Interaction logic.
  • The interaction toolkit availability.

To clarify the terms and cost, please leave a request on the website and we will discuss the best solution for you. 

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