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VR in Agriculture


Virtual Reality in Agriculture: The New Era of Training Your Employees

Agriculture is becoming more and more technological. Farmers and agrarians are more like scientists from secret laboratories, introducing the latest technologies to improve the quality of production.

Besides, innovation contributes to better management of work processes. One of these changes  is the introduction of VR and AR technologies into the corporate training systems. 

The results of the Accenture Technology Vision study show that 36% of executives who have implemented AR/VR technologies for training emphasize the elimination of distance barriers between people.

Virtual Reality Capabilities

VR simulators allow high-quality training of personnel for performing regular tasks and working out collective interaction in a simulated emergency. Using all the capabilities of VR, namely the 360-degree view, spatial sound, tactile and other sensations, creates the effect of a complete presence in the workplace, whether operating complex agricultural equipment or designing new projects.

Virtual reality simulators for agriculture allow training without risk to employees and loss for a business.

Benefits in training employees using Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies include:

  • Onboarding of new employees.

The initial stage of training is the acquaintance of employees with the company, products, brand, geography of production facilities, with the production and logistics facilities, equipment and  technology – basically everything that is required for work. It is important that this training is efficient and fast.

Remotely, using Virtual Reality tools, it is now possible to train employees in the following areas:

  1. Get acquainted with the workplace.
  2. Provide initial safety briefing.
  3. Cooperate with colleagues and company management.
  4. Become familiar with the goals of the company.
  5. Delve into the specifics of the product.

Virtual reality simulators can provide new employees with all the information on aspects of work to immediate realities. Digital learning solutions enable the preparation for the day at work without even leaving home. Among  additional effective training modules can be the integration of webinars, video conferencing with remote expert support, when the learning outcomes are sorted out in groups with other students or individually with experts.

On-the-job safety

One of the key factors for effective work in production is health and safety training.

In the agricultural sector, employees can be faced with hazardous situations to health and life, such as fires or accidents. It is even more important to know the procedures to prevent such scenarios.Companies need to educate employees about security protocols and the correct procedures and actions in various situations.With the help of virtual reality, it is possible to implement training in potentially dangerous situations without risk to anyones’ lives.Although dangerous situations are very rare, employees need to know what to do if they arise. Virtual reality training provides the experience, skills, and knowledge employees need in order to respond appropriately to hazardous situations.

Upgrading the qualifications of existing employees

As the company develops, its employees should keep growing professionally. This will allow staff to more easily adapt to changes associated with new production procedures, new technologies and techniques, and other tasks. Our virtual and augmented reality solutions can provide significant support to employees in the workplace:

  1. The ability to communicate information overlaid on real-world environments or equipment, eliminating the need to refer to a printed tutorial.
  2. Greater flexibility when changing roles and responsibilities.
  3. Remote support capabilities allow prompt expert assistance at the right time and where it is needed.
Group training

Virtual reality allows companies to train the effectiveness of teamwork in situations where several employees need to work together to solve a problem..

VR  proves to be an effective instrument for remote collaboration as it solves complex problems associated with time constraints or/and high stress at work.

Benefits of Virtual and Augmented Reality for Agriculture

Benefits of Virtual and Augmented Reality for Agriculture
  • High speed of employee training
  • Minimization of production errors
  • Reducing the period of equipment downtime for repairs
  • Improving product quality
  • mproving safety and reducing the number of accidents
What does Sensorama Offer?

VR is used by various industrial enterprises. On a global level, VR solves the following problems:

  1. Fast training of employees.
  2. Reduces the number of manufacturing errors.
  3. Allows to optimize the  workflow.
  4. Tracks the performance indicators of work processes.

Sensorama develops  VR/AR solutions of any complexity required by a business.Operating with the latest technologies, Sensorama’s  specialists develop solutions for any device and platform (vr, web, mobile, etc.). Depending on the tasks and the chosen solution, the highest possible 3D-realism is also possible.



How Much Does VR Implementation Cost?

Many factors influence the cost of training in virtual and augmented reality, including the creation and customization of content, the depth of user interaction, etc.

Each program is unique and designed based on specific requirements.

To calculate the estimated time and cost of the project, please leave a request on the website and our manager will contact you to clarify the details.

All in all, smart agriculture will continue to gradually penetrate the regions, primarily in the segments related to the production of 

agricultural raw materials and agricultural equipment for farms. AR/VR technologies can serve as one of the drivers of this process, stimulating the renewal of methods and means of training personnel of farms and agricultural enterprises due to greater visibility and the absence of the need to stop production processes.

If you want to reduce the cost of personnel training and increase their efficiency – drop us a line and our manager will provide you with competent advice and answer any questions.

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